Aug 29, 2015

whenever i change the sheets, she'll jump right on the bed to enjoy the freshness.

Aug 28, 2015


a friend brought me these beautiful candy yesterday.  you should actually see the photo bigger so you can see all the little creatures.  the umbrella is a lollypop and the pompom was made by another friend, as a gift for the birth of her daughter.

Aug 25, 2015

a house full of treasures

another sneak peak.
i love this place, i've been there before, but now it's even nicer, with that cute little cat :)
an update on my website hopefully next week!

Aug 24, 2015

'my surprise ball'

i like this little book from nathalie lété about gina's surprise ball.
i too, own some of these treasures she painted in the book.

Aug 23, 2015


while cleaning the glass cabinet the shelves fell down and broke this cheburashka... 
have you seen sophie's new things? they are beautiful again!

Aug 20, 2015

from today

i met such a sweet little cat today, zeefje is her name.  she lives in a beautiful home, full of nice little things!  look at those creatures, made of rocks found in france.

Aug 19, 2015

coming up

lots of things happing in V&S' studio.  a new exhibition will open next month.  more on that soon!

Aug 18, 2015


another preview, from an atelier i visited a little while ago.  i hope to update my website soon again.

Aug 17, 2015


my dear friends have the most beautiful baby girl.  look at the card! it's mia and agnes, those 2 wonderful dogs

Aug 15, 2015


cute patch
beautiful blanket
painting by ruurd wiersma.