Sep 17, 2008

things we both have (5)

our woodpecker doorknocker.
up: veroniks
down: mieke's


lisen said...


You know I just mean that I love it. :)

Sakletarn said...

Nice blog you have, I really like it! Thank you for the comment so I could find your nice blog.

g said...

Superb! I am wishing I had one of those little guys too.

lisen said...

I forgot to tell; yesterday morning I woked up when a woodpecker knocked at the door(!) haha, both me and the dog got a bit scared.

It lives in a big tree in our garden. Beauiful red head.

louise said...

I wish I had that doorknocker too. It's fantastic!

Esti said...

what a cool doorknocker!

maggienikole said...

i've never seen
like that
i'd like one
for my
very own