Nov 10, 2008

7 random facts

we were tagged by famapa, danica and when skies are grey to tell you 7 random facts about us.
so here they are:
1. we like to wear braids in our hair
2. darkblue is our favorite colour
3. veronik likes drawing and cutting papers
4. mieke collects all the nice things in the world
5. veroniks feet are always frozen
6. mieke has the nicest bike of antwerp
7. mieke makes good soup and veronik the best salads

on the photos you can see our braids, veroniks papercuts and miekes favorite finds.


maijja said...

I'm falling in love with your braids!

emma said...

at first i thought that the post was under the headline "things we both have" - a hair pigtail! :)
nice ones.
nice facts.

lisen said...

Lovley you two!

Not U2.

You two. As in Mieke and Veronik. :)

I love the papercuts! Those where new and colourful, I love colours! Too.

Anonymous said...


rags and nuggets said...

I like the way you are being personal without showing your faces, in your entire blog (assumingly).
visit mine, i'd love you to.

yasu said...

love reading your posts and photos! always so inspiring and fun!and the braids..emma is funny:)

danica said...

This is delightful! Your braids are gorgeous. Thanks for playing :)

asphaltandair said...

you two are the sweetest.
so nice to read your 7 random things.

louise said...

Do we get to see the bike?

Famapa said...

yes, I second louise: please show us the bike :)
beautiful braid shot...

janis said...

Love the first photo, so tender and sweet... :)

Elisabeth Dunker said...

Oh, I have those fingerpuppets also.

Line said...

love your braids - I have to try, too