Dec 13, 2008

the opening

last night we had the opening party for our shop. there were no products yet in the store, but we hang posters and a book including things we will sell from next wednesday.
many people came by, we had a nice time!


melindatrees said...

lots of fun to be had with a blackboard table!


i like your conceptional approach to the shop, it seems you take the time it needs to develop a good and special store.
i did it the other way round with 2 friends some years ago, we were in such a hurry to open it that i did not realize that to have a shop is not what i am able to do! now i don't want to miss that experience even it was kind of exhausting.
best luck and good wishes from berlin
i will visit your shop some day!

monaka said...

i can only imagine how excited you must feel! i hope i can personally visit your shop one day. will you have an online shop too? good luck!

when skies are grey said...

This is such a fun thing to watch the progress of. You both are so thoughtful about your visuals-can't wait to see more :)

Cranky Yellow Shop said...

Congrats! Opening a shop is such a rewarding process! It's going to be soooo AWESOME! Savor that flavor! YAY!

Keep up the great work!

erik heywood said...

wow. what can you tell me about those shelves? did you make them? are they commercially available? i love them.