Feb 3, 2009

pins and chalk

new in the shop. pins and many many different kinds of chalk!
the window also looks different now. take a look here.


emma, yer fan said...

hot stuff! :oD

I've got 3 questions that you may answer if you like (maybe you already got them asked):

1. do you think it's hard to put a price at stuff? do you always agree...?

2. isn't it HARD to sell these treasures... maybe you want it all yourself..? (I always wonder, when I'm in nice stores with pretty stuff) :)

3. a tricky one: How can you have so much stuff left in the store? haha... In my world every little thing would have been sold out already! Seriously. its so good.

mieke willems said...

hey emma,

1. the price depends ofcourse on the price we paid for it. it's sometimes a bit a discussion, but mostly we agree very soon!

2. its nice to be surrounded by all the nice things so sometimes you dont need to have them at home. from many things we have more than 1 so we can buy them too!! (and believe us, we are good clients here!) but with the pins its very hard, because they are hard to find. but we also think we have to offer things sometimes to have a nice shop :)

3. like we said before, sometimes we have really many pieces of one item, and we can order again and again!!! wish you lived here! than the shop would become more empty!

e said...

oh, thank you for good answers - i'm happy! :)
wish i lived nearby too...

Fine Little Day said...

Looking good.

Maaret said...

Great treasures. I would love to see your shop in reality.
P.S. I've tagged you, I hope, you don't mind:
"Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same."