Mar 28, 2009

sarah illenberger

this is really nice. check her site. found through the nice blog fridas fina.


lisen said...

Yeah, I remember her crotchet lungs and heart and all that... its cool.

Like all those coloured stuff..!

Rynke said...


Schanett said...

as always:
interesting new links!
wonderful photos!
nice stuff from the shop!


Hi! How fun, because I just discoverd you too, and spent some time reading all your lovely blog-posts, the very same day that you left your comments over at my place! :-) (Strange, isn't it)?!

I wonder who the "mysterious swedes" who told you about me were? I so love the look of your shop, wish I could come and visit some day! Truly inspiring, just like this blog!

Frida &

.girl ferment. said...

oh this looks fantastic