May 2, 2009

things we both have (18)

our camera
up: veronik
down: mieke


outi said...

hello there you two!
(i also have that kind of camera..)

Sakletarn said...

i also have the same camera but mine is much older. it´s nice but now i want a new camera.

nath said...

i have that camera, i like the macro best.

Anonymous said...

hello you two!
i love your "things we both have" posts!
you're both so lovely!

renilde de peuter said...

and don't forget me!
i have the same too,for making it myself comfortable, i hate going through the instructions!
he mieke, ik maakte net mijn eerste link, hoera

Lisen said...

:D hello there!
sweet secret portraits!

STEFANIE said...

ooh I have that camera too, but the white parts are black on mine ^-^

famapa said...

me too me too! I have a newer one now, but the macro is much better on the 70 so I used it for the macro week on how we say hello recently!