Sep 19, 2009

our fleamarket

the fleamarket was nice today! didn't make many photos, we were too busy, inside and outside! thanks to everyone who came by!


emma said...

great! nice activity on a saturday.

lina said...

oh what fun! i wish i was there : )

o l y said...

woooooo, i wish i was there too !

happy sunday

jenna said...

oh, looking very lovely, you two! looks also like you had fun. :)

Dominica said...

a shame I had to work too ; the weather was awesome for a fleamerket outside ! Glad you had fun !

Mia said...

Thank you for your message at my blog, Mieke! I am happy you liked the pouch (and it traveled quite fast!) and oh how I would have loved your fleamarket!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!