Jun 30, 2012


the sun is shining and all the plants are growing super fast. have to buy some bigger pots and do some inside gardening. more plans for soon: to check this exhibition before it ends next week. + veronik's exhibition is also ending soon, the 7th of july is the last day!
1. smallest plant in the house 2. cookies 3. flowers from the market 4. gemma's spoons


Padmasari Jewelry said...

Happy Weekend ;-) like your blog ..

sunkentreasure said...

mooi die eerste foto!!

Daniel said...

i would love to eat an egg with this little spoons. i will visit antwerp very soon m+v ! lets do an egg party.

ps : mieke - in 2 days its our day!

anna said...

what is the name of the little plant, and do you know other lovely blogs with lots of plants (and their names)?

la drogheria said...

I love your blog and your pictures... everything looks great!

Inger Marie said...

Love the spoons!