Aug 30, 2012

i bought this funny cat for very little money, but i like it a lot. it's looking outside and making sure the window stays open.


Kylie Hunt said...

So life-like! The stare is very intense, isn't it? :) Kx

mandarinux said...


I love it

at swim-two-birds said...

super mooi!
je kan amper zien dat het een stoffen katje is.

Rikke Storm said...

It is very fine:)

In Denmark, we have cats of porcelain to place the window...often to at a time (very old-fashioned and more kitsh than beautiful) But back in the old days the sailor's wives used them as a code: If the cat looked out the window their husband was out on sea (and there was "all clear" for other "visitors" ... and if the cats looked into the room the man was at home! I think it's a funny and cute story.

Happy sunday R