Sep 4, 2012

a bonsai tree

making lots of photos these days.
+ going to do all i can to save this poor little bonsai. it didn't have a nice life so far, hope it will look better by the time L. comes back, she will be a good owner for sure.


Brown Paper Packages said...

Hi Mieke!

Just discovered your blog through a fellower blogger who posted about all your lovely house plants (16 House) I love it! Glad I stopped by and will do so again for sure! :-)

Andrea said...

Hm, inderdaad ziet die er niet meer zo goed uit. Maar nu met veel liefde zal de bonsai well beter worden. goed heefd hem eindelijk een goeie plek :-)

kristina - no penny for them said...

oh, the poor little thing does look a bit tragic. i'm sure you'll be very good to it! will you show more pictures when he recovers?

outi said...

oh poor bonsai, but you know what, they can be very strong. i had one in a working space longer periods without water, but it just kept on going. long life bonsai!