Feb 27, 2013

pirosmani, the movie

last night i saw a movie about the life of niko pirosmani, a georgian painter. (went to see his works last october.)
i took it from the library but found it on youtube, without subtitles though. every image in it is beautiful!!!


gina said...

What a nice post over at jollygoo.blogspot.com!
Her words could not be truer.

Jane Aston said...

Thanks for the link to the film; It looks magical.I will try and watch it right through this evening.

Ben said...

Wow, looks beautiful, thx for the link.

Anonymous said...

What a beauty, this film, very nice colours.Thanks for the link!

Liska Cole said...

thanks for sharing! the movie is in russian, how cool i can understand!!

Anonymous said...

Georgian film PIROSMANI with english subtitles.