Apr 14, 2014

more from gina

it wasn't the good time to photgraph all these little things. minnie was in the mood for playing and destroyed the mouse that renilde also got :)

next shooting while she's sleeping!
thinking about having a small glass cabinet for all these treasures. how else to keep them all? it would be nice to be able to look at them and keep them safe.


Anonymous said...

Do you know where to buy the suprice balls? I looked at KIOSK but they don´t seem to sell them anymore.

mieke willems said...

i saw them here: http://www.millmercantile.com/Gina_Namkung_Surprise_Ball_11181.html

Gina said...

thirddrawerdown.com (in Melbourne)
In about a month they should be available on their website. I hope people understand that the surprise balls made for wholesale are not the same as the custom ones.