Jul 21, 2014


this morning i photographed a very nice place.  i probably chose the worst day for making pictures, but it was nice anyway.
the rest of the day i spent organizing the books and reading a bit in the last pages of sylvia plath's the bell jar.  i love it!  i also watched the movie a couple of days ago, which isn't very good, but it had some very nice interiors ! i love the  dark green room with the pink-ish clothes hanging there. i should get something green here too :)


Andrea said...

Een groene wand is perfect! Ik heb beslist ook mijn wand te schilderen, heel donker groen. Fijne week, en wij spreken binnenkort eens af, ben nu nog in zwitserland.

trees and what not said...

yes the decor is lovely, great book