Feb 17, 2015

keeping busy

i still don't feel a 100% healthy.  every time i go outside for just an hour or so i feel supertired... i hope i'll get some energy back soon!
so, besides watching movies i keep myself busy indoors, like cleaning up my computer.  that's how my desktop looks, i like it :)
minnie always seems bothered when i'm behind the computer, this is how she tries to get my attention.


mareike said...

That desktop looks really cool! And I love Minnie's attitude :D
Get well soon!

* HOPSCOTCH * ~ Charlyn said...

I hope you get some energy back soon!
And I think you have the best desktop, Mieke! ;)


HomeCollection. said...

she is so funny !
hope you'll be better soon

Liska H. ryska said...

Minnie is great!