Aug 15, 2008

beard people

up: mieke
middle: veronik
down: our beautiful friend dejan


Maria said...

great beard:D did you make it?

Lisen said...

Cute beard! Must be arm and nice to have one now when its getting colder..! and yes - beautiful friend. :) All 3 of you! I love those glasses...!

thanks for your sweet words at my blod today!! :) have a nice weekend!

mieke willems said...

hey maria, dejan made it!

FruensWerk said...

HIHI...I like your beards very much...funny :)
Thanks for visiting me :D

.girl ferment. said...

was the knitting intended to be a beard?

(p.s Dejan is gorgeous!)

mieke willems said...

girl ferment: yes, it was intented! dejan is knitting a beard in a film by mieke. the last photo is a videostill.

karin said...

hi you!
very nice series!
And a beautiful colour for a beard.

emma said...

So cute all 3 of you and that haircut in the middle inspired me to cut my hair (fringe) again, actually! :D