Aug 6, 2008

sverige part 2- in the countryside

our beds and then us.
p.s.: thank you l. and r. for the nice food and cherry pie. we love the country side,
peace and quietness.


lisen said...

such a beautiful house! where in sweden is this?

siagrafica said...

mooi! krijg er 'heimwee' van... ik ga dit jaar helaas niet naar Zweden.

(ik heb ook zo'n foto van dat werk van Calder, bij Moderna Museet)


mieke willems said...

hi lisen, its in hakebo, tranas. a friend bought this house about 2 months ago. it is really beautiful!!

Famapa said...

oh my, what a good buy!

Lisen said...

Oh, Tranås?! Cool. I grow up quite near Tranås! Have'nt been there sooo very much, but when I was 16 I went there (my mom drove me and it was a crazy snowstorm) at my best concert ever.. I just HAD to be there..hehe, and I went alone. It was "The Ark" on stage (you know?) and I was in, that town is special to me. ;)

Well well..really its a nice house!

emma said...

COOL! You just had some fine days just nearby my small town! Like half an hour with the suburban train. Love the documentary photos ! :)