Oct 5, 2008

11 details-tag

we were tagged by mette.
so here we go.

1. shop for clothes: APC
2. furniture: 2nd hand
3. sweet: chocolate and honey (to name only a few)
4. city: paris
5. drink: coffee and tea
6. music: a lot, but if we have to choose: devendra banhart
7. tv: we both don't have
8. movie: last time we chose the elephant man, this time buffalo '66
9. workout: we are not very much into sport, but we do drive the bike a lot
10.pastries: in the bakery we would choose sand cookies
11.coffee: we like cappuccino, caffe latte,...

we tag leen, lisen and hanna


Elisabeth Dunker said...

Nice collection and nice displayed.

lisen said...

oh, I was tagged by my syster last week too, I will blog my "list" soon. :)

Anonymous said...

So nice to hear other people live without a tv! And all the rest: perfect life! Take care of it!

Leen said...

Hallo, ik kan nog altijd niet geloven dat jullie geen tv hebben(hier spreekt een verslaafde) maar jullie verzameling op de foto is heel mooi...vooral dat uiltje is echt om op te eten!