Oct 23, 2008


we want to go to london, to see these shops : labour and wait and shelf.


lisen said...

I LOVE the lampshades at Labour and wait! I want all their things!

Anonymous said...

oh! must make a favourite of that link. my god. thank YOU!
i do want to go there soon as well... go! go! go! :)

Anonymous said...

And don't the two people look super in front of the Labour + w shop!

Famapa said...

those two shops are wonderful, especially shelf. every time I go in there I want to buy everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!!

Simone said...

Ik denk dat jullie foto van jullie eigen winkel mooi in dit rijtje past!!
Succes met de winkel en wie weet kom ik eens een keertje langs in Antwerpen!
(waar zijn jullie gevestigd?)
Groeten, Simone