Aug 23, 2009

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nice drawing from an old newspaper.

read an interview with us on this nice blog.
and also ii-ne-kore did a nice post about us.


JOKEMIJN said...

Is het het molletje? rechts onder lijkt ie er wel op.

Fine Little Shop said...

How cute.

Nice that more people got the opportunity to discover this great blog :)

Jenna said...

just love that clipping! and the interview was great, you two are so wonderfully inspiring!

at swim-two-birds said...

he, zo grappig dat we allebei een 'krantenartikel' hebben geplaatst. Komt dat grappige diertje uit een verhaaltje?
Giteren was weeral heel leuk!

Lily Boot said...

those critters look like they must belong to Tove Jansson - I can just imagine them as relations of the Hemulen, digging for treasure in the forest.

Adrian said...


Paper Shelters said...

Thank YOU so much again for doing my interview! And thank you for always putting a big smile on my face with the great things you post! Hope you guys are having a most wonderful day. :) :)

Ritva said...

well, i just kind of looove you!

hiki said...

you two look sooooo cute! i really would love to go visit antwerp only for your lovely blue shop!!!!!!!!
i hope you two get the chance to come to tokyo in the near future ;)

epe said...

great interview girls!

Anonymous said...

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