Aug 26, 2009

some products

...of our store are featured in this months issue of feeling wonen. on the first photo you can see labels, a bruno munari book, a notebook, a box, tape, eraser and a sharpener. on the second photo a basket with some towels, picnic boxes, plastic vintage coasters and the cuttingboards from tas-ka.


Adrian said...


o l y said...

congratulations !!!!!! everything in the photos look so pretty :D

by the way, i couldn't find the tofu people toys of mine, so i went to get 2 new ones for both of you.

please tell me where should i send them ?
( my e-mail add is : )

have a nice day !


Dominica said...

always great to see your own goodies in a mag !

Jantien and Hester said...

ga kijken of ik hem hier in NL ook kan kopen.