Dec 28, 2009

from hiki

we were the lucky ones to win hiki's give-away! it's the first time we ever won a giveaway, and we are very happy with this great package! thank you!

and also: new agenda's in the webshop and surprise balls!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Winning is always special...CONGRATS!

chita said...

That's reminds me of my childhood and I still love it! Thanks for your message.I surely saw you in my shop which is called 'Whole foods market' in Church st in London!but I can't remember your friend. please let me know if you come to London again!Ve a nice new year!

.naa. said...

so lovely!

Anonymous said...
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hiki said...

hi! yay! it's kind of strange to see these on your blog but surely nice ;)
i once won the giveaway and it was really cool!

i hope you two will have a wonderful 2010!!!

oh and... the above comment, i don't really understand chinese, but i can understand it's not nice at all. nasty spam :(

o l y said...

ahhh, yes, those are spam !!!
go go away evil spams !

teddybearswednesday said...