Sep 2, 2016

at home
in a box


Gemma said...

Beautiful! ☼♡

AD said...

Hi Mieke,

This bag looks fabulous - what a great cauliflour print by your friend! This will sound weird because though I've been following your blog for years (don't like to think how long!), I very rarely leave comments on blogs, being shy (even at my advanced years!). But I'd like to say how much I love your photos and what you write, and I look forward to checking back in, especially to see your sweet cat Minnie. I see you've signed up to instagram and have done some liking, but when do you think you will start to post photos there? Or does the digital aspect of it not appeal to you - I think you prefer analogue photography don't you? It is a shame that blogs are so little used now compared to say 5 years ago, but I am so glad that you and other favourites such as Renilde, continue to post, it really is a generous thing to do I think, to share your world with other like souls. Aanyway, I just wanted to say that, keep up the beautiful work, best wishes,
Anna x

Mieke Verbijlen said...

hi anna,
thank you so much for your kind words! very nice to know!
i don't have a smartphone so i can't use IG. i have an account so i can follow some of my friends online..
more photos from minnie coming up, always :)

x mieke