Sep 8, 2016


now this looks like an amazing place.  Lowell is a shop and gallery in portland. browsing their IG over and over. thanks G. for introducing me.


HomeCollection. said...

yay ! one of my favorite shops - hands down
and the owners are the sweetest people !

/ by the way, i'm in antwerp this weekend. where do you find all the cute candies you post sometimes on the blog ?!

Mieke Verbijlen said...

hi marion!
hope you're having a good time here!
the candy is from different places, somethimes just supermarkets...
there was a nice one in the center but it recently closed. than there is helios in berchem... domestic is also a good spot! they just opened a store in lange gasthuisstraat!
have a good time here!

HomeCollection. said...

thank you ! i see your comment only now that i'm back in paris but i keep them in mind if i go back one day ! i really had a good time in your lovely antwerpen :)
(i'm pretty sure i walked by domestic without knowing it was there ah !)