Jan 28, 2009

jimmy potter buys a lollipop

favorite pages in this book from lennart hellsing and stig lindberg.

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e said...

I grew UP reading that book! I just quoted some lines from that story, a few days ago! :)
It's such a good story and one can sense all tastes in the book. It's the best.

Lisen said...

It's a classic.
What more can I say?

I like it for it's black details and cover.
I think its kind of underestimated in childrens books.

Hanna Åberg said...

I've read this at least a 1000 times. bought it again last week actually. It disappeared in my early teens

nice post as always :)

yasu said...

hey wonderful website! congratulations!

Veja cecilia said...

that book is just the best. I love lennart hellsing stories and stig lindberg was just genious!

lisen said...

I forgot to look att the links yesterday, your webpage is great!
The store is like a dream come true.

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