Jan 16, 2009

notebooks, pens and a happy card!

we received some new items today- again! it was a good week!


lisen said...

In some way it's good that I live so far away from your nice store.

It would have ruined me.

Please dont open a webshop.

Line said...

hello, I have been om holiday from blogworld so the great news that you opened a shop is new to me - congratulations! it looks great and what a selection you offer! Good luck with everything!

e said...

nice items for sure. want'em all. cheers for this good week! happy saturdaysunday to you both. (are you open weekends as well? or do you take two days off?)

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness,
I agree with lisen-
I love everything in your shop...if you open a webshop it might financially ruin me!

mieke willems said...

emma: yes, we're open on saturdays too! i'm in the shop right now! only closed on sundays. but we are 2 so...
line: thank you!
lisen and jennifer: we are thinking about a webshop sometimes, but it won't happen really soon we think....!

Sarah said...

O jee, ik ga ook nog eens moeten langskomen zie ik. Deze pennen en kaarten zien er veel te leuk uit!


karin said...

These things are nice.

monaka said...

mmmg! they have so nice stationery. right now i have 2009 calendar by mmmg and im loving it to the bits!

in general i think south korea is the land of the nicest stationery ever! i spent way too much money on stationery while i was living there. do you know o-check? they have a nice products too.

marie said...

nice things!
i wold love to make some things for your shop..
im thinking of making some mobiles (a little different from the last ones) soon.. so if you are interested at all let me know :)

coucou said...

congrats for your shop, it's beautiful!
greetings from argentina, emi

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