Jan 22, 2009

things we both have (15)

a bag from the shop. since we have the shop we have even more things the same.
up: in miekes basket on the bike
down: veroniks


Lisen said...

I love that bag!
Have had thoughts about buying one for myself.. But, I have so many bags without pockets..and all my things end up at the bottom!

Miho Sakato said...

i have this lovely bag too!


by tas-ka:)

emma said...

DARN! how cute. that fellow! mr good lookin'! :D

yasu said...

oh me too i love this!

Sakletarn said...

What a nice bag! You can never have to many of those textile bags.

Schanett said...

me too!
love it!!
will you have an online shop as well one day??!

famapa said...

such a lovely bag! and so nice to see in the bike basket, I really have to get back on my bike, I miss her so!

karin said...

you indeed seem to be kind of "thingstwins".

when skies are grey said...

What a cute bag :)
Looks so nice nestled with your mushroom one, in the rainy day bike basket.

louise said...

That is one great bag!

Flores Hayes said...

awesome bag!!!

my roomate is THRILLED with her panda bag!
she just LOVE it