Jul 22, 2009

3 bears

2nd picture from a very beautiful book. posted about before.
also: the love box is back in stock!
and: look at nina's blog for some pictures she made here last saturday!


Kylie said...

Love your bears and the bear book! I know now why you call it the love box - I LOVE everything in it! Nina's blog story looks great - so lovely to see, but where are the pictures of you? :) K

emma said...

what a trio! last one is my favou! :D

katie said...

Is the love box from Katy and June? You have other things from them I think? Once I met them at a fair and they were so lovely. That book looks very nice.

mieke willems said...

hi katie, yes we orderes them from katy and june, but actuallt they are from ocheck, from korea. they are very popular in our shop!

Ritva said...

hello ladies!
so nice to see all the interesting and nice stuff you have here and in your shop!
happy to visit here!

●• Thereza said...

cute cute bears!! :)