Jul 16, 2009

good news

just found out that anu tuominen has a website. did you know that? many photos on it, ansd finally a clear view on when and where she will have an exhibition!


Caterine said...

that's good news! thanks for sharing.

yasu said...

great! ill bookmark it now..

hannna said...

I didn't know! Very thorough pages.
The magazine I worked with last summer came out, with a story on her too.
I liked her works at Mänttä summer exhibition!

Anonymous said...

i miss your shop, and i wish my place was like it : peaceful, cool, arty, full of amazing stuff!
btw,i've noticed you're always listening to bob dylan in your store, maybe you'd love this band :

check it out

maybe you already know, tell me.


a dear shoper

lina said...

this is such a neat pencil photo!

Fine Little Day said...

Good news, indeed.

mieke willems said...

hi anonymous,

we were wondering so much who you are!! please tell us!

nice song!

Anonymous said...

haha a good customer, i just went to your shop a couple of time, and i'll be back in antwerp by august haha.
keep on making nice stuff.

ps:i wish your shop was in the Meir, cos there would be more ppl, but the street is peaceful though so...


mieke willems said...

oh please tell us next time who you are :) haha!
the meir wouldnt be nice, but a street more in the centre would be good ofcourse!
see you soon!!

sue said...