Jul 20, 2009


tomorrow veronik is leaving for a trip to New York City. 
if anyone has some good tips about what to go see, you are
welcome to write them. good luck to mieke who will open
the shop by herself in the meanwhile.


Kylie said...

Oh Wow! Have a wonderful time Veronik!! It doesn't matter where you go you'll have the most amazing time in NYC - impossible not to :) So many interesting things to see, but it's the feeling you get being there that is the best. Take a notebook! You will feel the energy there and get a million ideas! So very exciting for you!!!
Mieke... you deserve a medal - she's a terrible friend for leaving you and I advise you to change the locks while she's gone!!! ;)))
K x

e said...


lisen said...

oh, that sounds nice..NY...
Nice packing!

And good luck Mieke!

(well, our new home is really nice too and its closer to my studio that I love to work in too...but this house & the woods..its something special...its a very sad feeling to leave it anyway).

sandra said...

i have a top 10 list of things to do in new york, here: http://www.sandrajuto.com/blog/?p=3238

katie said...

Ooo we just went to New York ni March.... the museum of folk art is really good and cheaper than all the other galleries. And its nice to walk across the williamsburg bridge from Manhatten and turn left into williamsburg for nice little shops and record stores and cafes and funny people.

Have a wonderful time.

andrea tachezy said...

I don´t have any tips , but I love Veronika´s bag :-) Enjoy, Veronika!

gini said...

have a great HoLiday!!

rienkrienkrienk said...

zijn die kousen niet wat te warm, veronik?
goeie reis!

Gina said...

Might I add: momofuko noodle bar @ 171 1st Ave. You won't be disappointed. And always beautiful things at John Derian @ 6 E. 2nd St. and interesting things over at KIOSK up on the 2nd floor @ 95 Spring St.

All the very best to the both of you!

at swim-two-birds said...

haha, ik had die kousen nog niet gezien! Veronik is echt voorbereid op alles!!!!!!!! :)
Mieke, ik ben bang dat ik de planten ga vergeten, help mij eraan herinneren als je wil. XXX

lina said...

ooo! i've never been to nyc & i LIVE in america. aha. have a fantastic trip veronik! (pretty photo of your bag too!)

RO.MA. said...

have fun in NYC! stock up on my favorite pens from the Muji store [0.38 mm] One of THEE best pens!! :)

and ditto on John Derian...oh their little animals are to die for! :)

Dominica said...

take a look at 'noeksblogt' ; she has been in NYC a couple of weeks ago and she posted some amazing pics and good addresses you guys would like !

Kaela said...

New York is my hometown and it is the best. :)

--If you are in Chinatown and need a place to eat, go to Vegetarian Dim Sum House. It is at 24 Pell Street, very close to Mott Street. (Pell is a tiny street, but if you ask people will show you the way.) It is very, very cheap and quiet and interesting-- my friends and I have a "Dim Sum Club" and hang out there often. :)

--Do go to Williamsburg (in Brooklyn, close to Manhattan). Get off the Bedford stop of the L train and wander around. There is a great bookstore called Spoonbill & Sugartown a few blocks away, and lots of other interesting shops and people.

--Like someone else said, Muji (on Broadway downtown) is the best place for stationary!

--But even more wonderful than Muji is a place called PEARL RIVER MART, which is a kind of huge Chinese dept. store selling lots of little knickknacks, cups, toys, etc. It's also on Broadway in Soho, close to Muji, Topshop, and a lot of other big stores. You could do all three at once.

--The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the best. If you only go to one museum...

--MoMA is really expensive now, but on Friday nights it's free.

--If you want to see a movie, check the listings for Film Forum (in the West Village) and Anthology Film Archives (East Village). They show the best artsy movies and older films.

--Other cheap good food options:
1. Tahini falafel on 3rd Avenue and St. Mark's Place
2. Pommes Frites-- a Belgian french fry place on 2nd Avenue and St. Marks
3. Saigon-- a really tiny Vietnamese sandwich sho at 369 Broome Street near Mott, in Noho/close to the LES. Banh mi sandwiches are the best. There's a park on Christie St two blocks away where you can sit and eat them
4. Umm...I'm sure there's more!

Wow, it was so much fun writing all this down!

I will let you know if there are any neat openings or shows this week. Though summer is a quiet time for that kind of thing.

Where is Veronik staying? If it's in the West Vill., East Vill., or the LES (or Williamsburg), I probably can recommend some more food places that are good.

Kaela said...

OH! And you would also probably like Printed Matter, a bookstore/zine store in Chelsea, near a lot of galleries. It's on 9th Ave around 24th Street...

Kaela said...

Oh, and if you have any more questions, email me (kaelanoel@gmail.com). I hope you have an awesome and lovely time!

mieke willems said...

hi i just arrived today, i like it already!and i also miss mieke already. thanks for all your tips, i don't know where to start. kaela, i am staying in harlem in an appartment. en rienk, sokken heb je altijd nodig! zeker als het regent zoals hier nu..
see you soon. x

Hydi said...

Hi Veronik,

Have a good trip! I was there in May and I visited Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Lovely part of NY. One of the nicest shop I visited over there is called Beacon´s closet (www.beaconscloset.com. Such a nice vintage clothes store).
Once again have fun!

Anonymous said...

Best aerial view of city is from 30 Rock (GE Building)
Best view of harbor, Statue of Liberty & lower Manhattan is from Staten Island Ferry (go round trip)
Another great view of lower Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridge is from the promenade in Brooklyn Heights.
Grand Central Station Main Concourse > has amazing "night sky" star constellations ceiling.
Guggenheim & Cooper Hewitt Museums are also worth visiting. . .