Jan 19, 2013

from this week

only saw 1 snowman this week, which was quite a dissapointment.  hope it will snow more next week to meet some others :)  this one was a special one though, as it was made for our new little friend, J.
have a whole list of new places to visit in the next weeks, more on that soon. the one from this week was very beautiful. so jealous of that pink sofa! and last night we made some paper snowflakes.

+ crazy about charlotte's latest flyer.


Tine said...

Wel wel. Nu ben ik toch teleurgesteld in mezelf: het is niet eens in mij opgekomen om een sneeuwman te maken!

Ik hoop dat er nog wat sneeuw zal vallen tijdens deze winter.

Marijke said...

<3 sneeuwkristallen

at swim-two-birds said...


the Blue Rabbit House. said...

Oh, hier in de straat was er eentje. Die na twee dagen gesmolten was tot 1 grote ijsvlakte, met nog enkel de tak-armen.

Mooi sneewvlokken!