Jan 2, 2013


today, here in belgium, a baby koala from 7 months peeped out of it's mother's pouch.  seen on zooborns, a very nice website that always puts a smile on our face! few more photos here. (+ a koala piece of fabric, from k for c, and koala cookies!)


celine said...

oh! how sweet!

naa said...

When I was a child we used to buy the same koala cookies but now I can't find them here anymore for many many years... I hope I do someday because they bring so many lovely memories... a true nostalgia kick! :)

Kylie Hunt said...

Gorgeous new arrival :) What a lovely start to the new year. Kx

Delphine said...

oh gosh little koalas <3
i'm melting.

agnes szucs said...

omg, how cute!!!

:) :) :)