Jan 23, 2013

yesterday we visited a very very good exhibition in cologne: david hockney: a bigger picture.  BEAUTIFUL!!
these days are still very cold. scarfs and hats all of the time.
2nd image (a work by kelly chorpening) was taken at an exhibition here, they have a new one that just opened last weekend. on our to-see-list.  the box has a secret message, and the doll is for alessandra.


naa said...

oh I love the doll, I am sure Alessandra will too! :)

gina said...

Yes brrr!
When I was in art school, David Hockney came
to speak... it was wonderful and casual, him just
sitting on a desk in a classroom . Really great!

The Squirrel and I said...

Cold here in Stockholm too. Burr.
Such a sweet doll! I just love the colours!

mieke willems said...

wow gina, lucky you!

la casita said...
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la casita said...

Thank you Mieke, the little doll is happily settled in her new home...in fact, she has made already many friends! x