Aug 31, 2008

things we both have (1)

from today on we start a new series and it will be a big one!
up: in veroniks bedroom
down: in miekes bedroom

too cute to eat

a friend brought these moomin cookies from japan.
not sure we're going to eat them all...

Aug 30, 2008

cutting papers

it's so nice to cut papers with this beautiful and supergood scissors.
we found it in a really really nice shop in berlin. it's called R.S.V.P.
they also have an online-shop. check it here.

Aug 29, 2008

hanna konola

we love these. take a look at her website.


since veronik and her boyfriend bought a house and she had to choose tiles for some rooms, we began to pay so much attention to tiles. here are some nice ones. the last picture is from the groundfloor in her house. she's moving there next week!

Aug 28, 2008

in the woods

a fox. photo by mieke

Aug 26, 2008


these cute tomatoes are from mieke's tomato plant. she put them in the soup.
(down:another drawing by charlotte koopman)

Aug 23, 2008

carrot farmer's toolbox

a work from one of our favorite artists anu tuominen. she just has a new book. we ordered it a few days ago. hope to receive it very soon!
here another nice one:

Aug 21, 2008

on the kitchentable

making a pile of plates and coasters.
playing with a spoon and some marbles...

Aug 20, 2008

on the other side

these are backsides of veroniks collages. mieke thinks they look so good too!

Aug 19, 2008

art and music

visited today an exhibition called "it's not only rock 'n' roll baby" in bozar in brussels.
there was art from musicians, including yoko ono, patti smith, kyle field, bianca casady from cocorosie and devendra banhart. took this photo from devendra's art, wanted to make more but it wasn't allowed...

paper balloons

Aug 17, 2008

another paul rand book

what to say? it's sooo good!!!!!!!

Aug 16, 2008

yesterday was mother' s day. here a very small present.

Aug 15, 2008

beard people

up: mieke
middle: veronik
down: our beautiful friend dejan

Aug 14, 2008

favorite record covers

up: devendra banhart : oh me oh my...
down: ella jenkins: you'll sing a song and i'll sing a song
both great records too!!!

Aug 12, 2008

candy papers

up: belgian babeluttes
down: chinese crackers

Aug 9, 2008


made these photos today in charlotte's house.

Aug 8, 2008

a hole is to dig

take a look at this book from ruth krauss, with drawings from maurice sendak. "a first book of definitions". it's really funny, with sentences like "a face is so you can make faces", "the world is so you have something to stand on", "eyebrows are to go over your eyes", "a tablespoon is to eat a table with",... it's a bit absurd, but soooo funny! and supercute drawings!
also check "open house for butterflies", in the same series.

Aug 6, 2008

sverige part 2- in the countryside

our beds and then us.
p.s.: thank you l. and r. for the nice food and cherry pie. we love the country side,
peace and quietness.

Aug 3, 2008


...with pearls and circles on a rainy sunday afternoon.

Aug 2, 2008

another great animation!!

amazing video from Czechoslovakias famous cartoon the mole.
watch it here. also watch all the others, they are all brilliant!!

take a look at this website. found through famille summerbelle.

pictures from sweden delayed, but still... coming soon!