Nov 30, 2012

things and stripes

so happy and lucky to have found so many nice things recently in 2nd hand stores. 3 striped shirts. trying one on in the morning light.  more things too, will show that some other time.

Nov 29, 2012

things we both have (45)

we went to see a very small but truly special concert by little wings last night.  kyle brought a suitcase full of nice records and cd's.  these ones have a handpainted cover, each one different, these two were our favourites!
up: veronik's
down: mieke's

Nov 27, 2012

a sunday with 2 sophie's

we spent our sunday in the same place as sophie.  nice food, great interior, pretty colors.  a perfect sunday. thank you sophie!

Nov 25, 2012

examples from the balloon 'paste', mine didn't work out that well :)
a very true sentence. (by C.) and a golden hedgehog. 

Nov 24, 2012

autumn finds

some recent finds and gifts / leaves are falling from the fig tree.

Nov 21, 2012

these days

talking to charlie's mouse on skype. browsing johann hauser's drawings. sophie's mickey. hoping for sunshine tomorrow (photo day!)

an old time favourite.

Nov 20, 2012


after watching the orange-papers i finished watching thousands of fruitstickers :) here some favourites that also look very nice together. our collections are rather small, we realize now...

Nov 18, 2012


love these kind of websites, wonder who is spending so much time scanning all those papers!  and i also wonder who watches them, ofcourse i do. and it's very addicting, i can never stop thinking there might be an even nicer one on the next page! (and oh no, they have fruit stickers too! that's for another day)
found through present and correct.

Nov 17, 2012


yesterday mia took her first trip by train to come and visit me, her godmother.  what a nice afternoon with her, sleeping most of the time in my arms. new record from holy shit in the mail yesterday too, what a day!

Nov 15, 2012

at home

had to finish a film so made some photos at home on a sunny day... 

Nov 13, 2012


found in the thriftstore. somebody else's collection. such nice colors!

Nov 12, 2012


 sophie's pink eyes // sophie's pink guitar + tonight we're going to see ariel pink, because he told us so. and because it's good ofcourse! lots of concerts these days. animal collective, jens lekman and soon a small tour to see him :)

Nov 10, 2012


photo from the archive, andrea's place. / ella jenkins' really good record / the hot water bottle must be my favourite item these days /  a page from guy mees' book / pink paper

Nov 8, 2012


veronik found this cheburashka in the garbage in the pottery atelier. and miljan saw tarkovsky's father on the television sitting in his son's childhood room. that's a very nice one too!

Nov 6, 2012

avec magazine

3 of my photographs are featured in a very nice korean magazine, called avec. you can order a copy here.