Oct 30, 2008

things we both have (12)

up: veroniks
down: mieke's

Oct 29, 2008

things we both have (11)

a favorite blanket, the colours are a bit different though.
up: mieke's
down: veroniks

Oct 27, 2008

more from the woods

mushrooms, mushrooms and veronik with a nice funny little tree.

Oct 26, 2008

for a nature walk

today we went to the woods to go hunting for mushrooms. thanks to k. en w. for guiding us and for the warm welcoming and soup!

Oct 25, 2008


a little little little leaf and a small small piece of red ribbon.

Oct 24, 2008


oh god, we love these products from montessori. it's so hard to make a selection. would be supernice to be teached with these materials! take a look at the website from nienhuis.
(by the way, this is our post 100!)

Oct 23, 2008


we want to go to london, to see these shops : labour and wait and shelf.

Oct 21, 2008

found on the street

took a walk yesterday and passed by a school. there were about 15 big boxes full of these little notebooks from primary school. so many different ones!! it was a good day!

Oct 20, 2008

ARPAÏS du bois

look at these beautiful drawings from belgian artist ARPAïS.
she made 3 books so far and they are all really really nice. take a look at her website, her blog, and if you are in antwerp at her exhibition in gallery van der mieden. (we still have to check it ourselfs...)

Oct 19, 2008

things we both have (10)

our mobile from flensted.
up: veroniks
down: mieke's

Oct 17, 2008


made by a friend in plasticine.

Oct 16, 2008


a nice package from an ice-cream from russia.

Oct 14, 2008


in nice colours from r. and c.

Oct 13, 2008

blue and red

new scarf! (yes, for the both of us ;) )

Oct 12, 2008

tea for two

visited charlotte this afternoon for tea.
it's always so nice to be in her beautiful house.

pencils and erasers

collecting in anu tuominen style.

Oct 10, 2008

the puppet theatre

take a look at this fun book about puppets and puppet theatre!

red nose

a funny face (but a bit sad though) and a doorknob

Oct 9, 2008


cheburashka and crocodile gena

Oct 7, 2008

things we both have (9)

2 (!) bags
up: mieke's
down: veroniks

Oct 6, 2008


sundays are the best when there is a fleamarket. these things mieke found in an indoor fleamarket. maybe we can make a curtain from all these nice handkerchiefs, like hanna's.