Oct 30, 2014


these things they sell in AOO, which was my favourite shop in barcelona! they make beautiful furniture, pity i couldn't bring them home...
the salt and pepper grinders are from alessi, designed by ettore sottsass (for example here). the copper stool is designed by max lamb, so pretty! and the green one by martino gamper is on my wishlist right now!

Oct 29, 2014

new tableware

it's so grey outside and i'm glad to be spending a day at home.  my friend is still staying here untill friday.i think minnie is getting used to him.
i found new tableware, second hand ofcourse.  i like it a lot.  the marzipan has such nice colors, and the small cups are my first creations from the ceramic class.

Oct 27, 2014

andrea ayala

on friday i visited andrea ayala's studio in barcelona. ever since i met her on the academy in antwerp she was my favourite designer.  look at all those colors! i love the installations she hangs on the walls.  and her dog bruna is super cute!

Oct 26, 2014

J + D

a few more photos from daniel and jordi's place, where i stayed in barcelona. beautiful light! lovely floors, and cute things everywhere :)

Oct 25, 2014

i'm home

barcelona was nice.  i was staying with jordi and daniel.  they were the sweetest hosts ever! they live in a beautiful place that has different tiles in every room.  the weather was perfect. i made loooong walks (my feet are broken ;) ) i visited the picasso museum, met some friends, checked some nice shops and had good food.  and now i am glad to be home again with minnie .

Oct 22, 2014

a trip

i'm leaving for barcelona in a few hours. it will be the first time since i have minnie that i will be away.  it's just 3 days though, a practice for her. and a friend is here, taking care of her.  but still i will miss her ...
i'll be back in the weekend!

Oct 19, 2014

spring in autumn

we are having 23 degrees again and the light is wonderful.  oxalis in my coffee this morning, and flowers my friends brought to breakfast.

Oct 17, 2014

artists by night

V&S show some works in an exhibition called 'artists by night'.  You can still visit this weekend, from 1PM till 6PM, Van Leentstraat 42 in Antwerpn.
These are the titles of these works:
1. I don't need a god, I need you, // iPhone case
2. Selfie on wiping cloth . + 'WIE DIT LEEST IS ZOT'

Oct 14, 2014

Oct 13, 2014


it's monday again.
a great week to everyone!

Oct 12, 2014

it's dark at 7PM

and it's not going to get better. 
minnie likes the warmth of lamps, it seems.  the 2nd photo is from ksenia galiaeva. she has an exhibition in amsterdam, go if you can!

Oct 10, 2014

colorful kitchen

i have so many cups, plates, vases and so on. piling them up on the kitchen worktop.  the striped thing is a sponge, from poland and i love it too much to use it :)

Oct 8, 2014

a very rainy day

i have some new vases so i wanted to get some flowers but the weather was so bad i just picked some on the side of the road very nearby...
in the afternoon i was trying out some things for the ceramic class tonight.  and look at this magic mug i got from V&S, it's black, but when you pour a hot drink, a secret message appears...

Oct 7, 2014

on my desk

always full of things.  and minnie.

Oct 5, 2014


i love this russian animation! found through a favourite blog, watch it on youtube!

Oct 4, 2014

a room

from a 3 year old boy. so many nice things!more from this place very soon! happy weekend!