Nov 29, 2013

from today

a photoshoot with the newest planthangers from sigrid and narelle (for sale soon in atelier solarshop, will keep you updated!). in a beautiful home with a beautiful cat.  we had bad luck with this rainy cold weather,..  but we made the best out of it.

Nov 28, 2013

✂ *

soon the trees won't have leaves anymore and it will be time again for paper snowflakes..

Nov 26, 2013


november is almost over. can't believe how fast this autumn is going!
if anyone has some tips for movies, old or recent, would be nice to hear!
PS: that's tena, not minnie ;-)

Nov 24, 2013

apple branch

i got this branch with little apples from a friend, but i had to put it on the highest closet in the house, because someone liked it so much she would love to destroy it completely :)

Nov 23, 2013

forever inspiring

some images i'd like to add to ffffound over and over.  these are some we both have in our collections. 
veronik's ffffound
mieke's ffffound

Nov 21, 2013

yesterday morning the sun was shining, but in the evening we had the first snow... hope winter won't be too tough.  will be a winter full of movies i guess, with minnie on my lap. looking soooo forward to this one.

Nov 20, 2013

sidney nolan

we like the paintings by sidney nolan. veronik saw them in australia. read more about him on wikipedia .

Nov 17, 2013

on film

some recent photos, leftovers from a photoshoot at renilde's. minnie. 2 hangers from sigrid and narelle's project "earth. rope. pot. plant." they are for sale at atelier solarshop (see below).   i love their project and am glad to be a part of it.  more soon!

Nov 15, 2013

another update

with also lots of pretty clothes by jan jan van essche. check everything here!

Nov 14, 2013

russian playgrounds

ksenia send these to me the other day. so nice and funny! some more here.
more playgrounds some time ago.

Nov 13, 2013

coffee and licorice

i have a new favourite cup for my morning coffee.  from sophie's pretty shop. i love the things she selects!  the licorice is not only the best looking i've ever seen, it's delicious! unfortunately not for sale here...

Nov 11, 2013


yesterday i visited a nice family. i loved the installations their 3 year old daughter made all over the house. she covered all her animals with a blanket

Nov 10, 2013

jules leclercq

last friday we visited the exhibition middle gate in geel. it shows contemporary artists and also lots of outsiders.  didn't know this one yet, and it was our favourite in the whole exhibition.  not so many images on google, unfortunately.

Nov 9, 2013

Nov 7, 2013


wonderful memories were made on the other side of the world
to all the very nice people that took very good care of us:
thank you very much