Apr 30, 2012

i miss you....

vienna. i want to live in ya.

Apr 26, 2012


i like these kind of colors. the first image shows a small TV a little friend of charlotte made. and the last photo shows her working room, a great place to be. (new blogger is so complicated! can't get this post how i wanted it!)

Apr 24, 2012

issue 9

surprised to find the new apartamento in the mailbox today, wasn't expecting a new one already! time flies!

Apr 23, 2012

the plants

they are all doing good. all the figue trees have many new leaves and the avocado pit is growing leaves very fast these days! when the sun shines it looks good here, but there is a lot of rain also. at this moment veronik is on a train to vienna, hopefully it's sunny over there!

Apr 22, 2012


have a beautiful day! lots of love dear veronik, x x x mieke

Apr 20, 2012

hanging plants 2

they are hanging. after andrea's example. first tried it in the livingroom but i don't have such a pretty view as hers, so i hang them in the kitchen. maybe will hang some more in the future. have to see how they're doing.
have a nice weekend everyone!

Apr 18, 2012

trees with eyes

the 1st photo i made about a month ago. the poster in veronik's staircase is the one she picked at the michel françois exhibition. the 3rd photo was found on aapc and comes from a book that i would like to have, but it's expensive! and the last photo shows 2 photos i did when i was still in the academy, about 8 years ago.

Apr 16, 2012

outsider art

have been browsing this great book and checked many names in it on google, but couldn't find much, almost nothing actually. here a few i did find: 1+3 max raffler / 2. erich bödeker / 4. minna ennulat
it's funny how outsider artists always seem to put a lot of the same figures in 1 painting, like for example in this drawing by the famous henry darger

Apr 13, 2012


it's all you need.

Apr 11, 2012

reinaart de vos

very happy to have found this version of reinaart de vos for really little money. the illustrations were made by the great gustave van de woestyne.

Apr 10, 2012

from finland

a little bit more easter in the mail today. a lovely letter and nice chocolate and candy. from outi. thank you! so nice!

Apr 9, 2012

our easter

we had our easter breakfast today. it was very nice! as you know we really like easter. pity the sun wasn't shining. this is how we celebrated easter before: 1-2

Apr 7, 2012


preapring today for our easter breakfast on monday. tomorrow we'll visit otark, so this year we'll celebrate easter twice.
was helping otark to make these 'paasmannetjes'. and laughing with each one that came out of the oven. they don't look as perfect as last year, but they are all nice and funny though.

happy easter weekend!!

Apr 6, 2012

hanging plants

since i saw these hanging plants at andrea's home i became a bit obsessed. went plant shopping with renilde yesterday and found some that might be suitable for hanging. working on a system now! hope to show you the result soon!
(the first photo is taken at another friend's place.)

Apr 5, 2012


they have a nice place. and they do nice projects. (next: babyboom!) the colors remind me of cookies and caramel, and that wooden 'thing' on the cupboard looks like a giant speculoos. mmm :)
they have great plants too! that hanging tree is ofcourse one of fedor's string plants.
more photos on the website.

Apr 4, 2012

alice in den städten

we went yesterday to our favourite cinema to see alice in den städten by wim wenders. you should all see it! it's very very beautiful!

+ have a look at this blog about the cutest dog.