Oct 31, 2010


sitting at home. re-discovering old books. this one is a photobook from maarten vanden abeele with pictures from pina bausch' dance performances.

Oct 28, 2010

next 3 days: babyboom

stocksale of kid's things at atelier solarshop, dambruggestraat 48 here in antwerp. friday-sunday from 11-18h. go there if you're around. lot's of pretty clothes and nice objects. for all info, look here.

Oct 27, 2010

old playground furniture

really like this set on flickr. must be great to design these kind of huge 'toys'.


more from india. also take a look at these nice projects (1+2) our friend did over there.

Oct 25, 2010

plants (5)

the plant in the 2nd and 3rd photo is a sparmannia. still on our personal wishlist of plants.

Oct 23, 2010

these kind of bags

always liked them. only found 2 in about 6 years. they are not easy to find over here. now 2 friends visited india recently and they both brought 1! thank you k + a!

Oct 22, 2010


congratulations to MAI, you have won the plant book. please send your adress to mail@miekewillems.com.

Oct 20, 2010

would you rather

a book full of funny things to think about by john burningham.
(click on the photos to read)

Oct 18, 2010

plants (4)

some of the images they didn't use for the book. the 2nd was a favourite. don't know why it looks so unsharp here. click here for a better view. that's our new flickr page, still working on it.

Oct 17, 2010


we received another honeybear this week. it's very close, but it's still not the one we are looking for. if you think you have it, you can always write us, we're still looking! but this one is lovely, thanks a lot edina!
the first picture shows 2 washcloths, a thriftstore find.

Oct 16, 2010


caught our eyes in the streets.

Oct 15, 2010


some of you asked us where to get this book. well, it's not for sale. when you buy a plant in holland you get a code wich you can enter on this website. everyday they give away 500 books (untill 14/11). it's available in dutch and english. since we got some books, we thought to organise a give-away. to enter just leave a comment before next week friday 22/10. good luck to all of you!

Oct 14, 2010


how come things with faces always look so much nicer?

Oct 9, 2010

cacti again

love the colors in this book.

Oct 8, 2010


our dear otark friends are up to something nice again. making bones and skeletons to eat. it's for an exhibition from frederik heyman that opens tonight. if you're in amsterdam, go there!

Oct 7, 2010

me and my plant

we've been showing many pictures of plants here. this is why. the book is just out since a few days. you can flip through it here. it's funny to see our pictures printed! the graphic design is done by maartje kuiper. will show you soon some more of the unpublished photos we did.

Oct 3, 2010

the bearded kids

also from last weekend. the drawings in the background are made by monique.

Oct 2, 2010

the last week

we brought a few more items to atelier solarshop. their pop-up store is open untill 9/10, so that's 1 more week! if you haven't been there yet, check it out! open tuesday-saturday, 11-19h.