Jul 31, 2011


veronik added some new works on her website. have a look!

Jul 28, 2011

at veronik's

some randomn photos taken at different moments in veronik's place. the plant is from fedor.

Jul 26, 2011

absolute cozyness

photos taken at different moments in c's house. it's so nice there. looking forward to a day like this, at home in bed with a book (ok, it's a laptop here) . and a dog like mia.

Jul 25, 2011


by john burningham. a friend has a whole collection of his books.. i only have this one. but this cloudland looks so nice! find it here.

Jul 24, 2011


the sparmania plant and the geranium have some nice flowers. and a new shirt.

Jul 23, 2011

lost dogs and half-eaten apples

that's the title of the greatest work i've seen in london. it's by geoffrey farmer and it's shown in this gallery (untill 14/8). so regret i didnt make photos myself, but found these here.

Jul 22, 2011

in london/3

a few more photos from this wonderful home.

didn't make any photos outside, it was raining most the the time... went to see a few nice exhibition including harriet russell's one which was really beautiful! had nice wanders and chats with friends and ate nice food and ice cream :)

Jul 21, 2011

in london/2

here some photos from the other place i stayed in. wonderful windows, lots of light and space. lots of plants. everything a good place needs.

Jul 20, 2011

in london/1

came home last night from london. had a nice time with d+d. and stayed in 2 nice homes. this is the first one. will show more soon.

Jul 14, 2011

sugar candy and cookies

our friends seem to present us cookies and candy very often. especially if they look pretty too! those cookies are some of the best we've seen, especially the koala and the owl :)

Jul 13, 2011


this book 'the mediterranean years 1945-1962' contains many many beautiful works of picasso. but the nicest thing about the book are the most beautiful black and white photos. and look at that cover!!

Jul 11, 2011

things we both have (39)

a tea robot. (emma has one too)
up: veronik's
down: mieke's

Jul 10, 2011

dinosaur egg

got this egg from a friend, in the bday surprise package. put it in the water last monday, and the last picture shows how it looked today, 7 days later. curious what will happen :)

dinosaur egg is also a great great song by scout niblett, one of our favourites. with lyrics by david shrigley. listen here.

Jul 8, 2011


marmelade, chocolate and cookies.a friend brought from letland. would like to go there one day...

Jul 7, 2011

about plants

alessandra did a little interview with us on plants a little while ago, you can read it on her spring blog. and there is also a nice link on her other blog. thank you alessandra!