Jul 31, 2010

schwarze, rote und menschen wie wir

saw this book a little while ago on yasu's blog. it's about children's drawings. had to order it also, it's so nice. happy when it arrived in the mail last thursday.

Jul 29, 2010

plants (1)

pictures from a few weeks ago, when it was still really hot.
all at renilde's beautiful home.

Jul 27, 2010

home sweet home

london was very nice. but nothing feels better than coming home. on the last day in london we visited the hackney farm and met these pigs. the peace- incense we bought in a "voodoo"-store.

Jul 24, 2010

happy about bags

yesterday on our way to st johns for breakfast (which was the best!) we saw a very very nice store with old stock plastic and paper bags! we´ll have to carry a lot back home tonight! but it´s definitly worth it! look!

Jul 22, 2010


here in london all is fine. we saw a nice exhibition, went to eat at many nice places like this one, this one, this one and this one. our friend also showed us a wonderful tree in hyde park. we met a squirrel there!

Jul 19, 2010


heart carpet and heart waffles at a friends place.

now to bed! we have to get up early to catch our train to london! goodnight!

Jul 18, 2010


we will make a little trip to london again. will leave on tuesday morning. if someone has some tips, would be nice to hear them!

the picture above was found on this blog.

Jul 17, 2010


the bean-plant is growing far, but still: no beans.
stickers veronik brought from berlin, and a kind of kid's corner on the fireplace.

Jul 16, 2010

Jul 14, 2010

philip guston

he was great artist.

short trip

it really was too hot in berlin and driving home was very exhausting but it was all worth it, because of this and this.

Jul 9, 2010


a recent find. look how nice!

Jul 8, 2010


we are suffering from the heat. same for the plants. wish we could hide in a cool space under the ground.

Jul 6, 2010


beautiful pages from a fabric book by louise bourgeois. would love to go to the moma to take a closer look. found here.

Jul 5, 2010


nice color combinations. these books are also goodlooking from the other side.

Jul 3, 2010


really love these pages in the june-issue of 'elle wonen'. it's a production of frank visser's great studio. the kid's clothes looks super beautiful as well, they are by maki ito. googled her, but couldnt find anything.