Sep 29, 2013

jozef peeters (1)

yesterday after breakfast, we visited jozef peeters' atelier/apartment.  if you're interested in going there yourself, find more info here.  the place looks like a 3D painting.  these photos i took in the bedroom.  more soon.

Sep 28, 2013


saturday was perfect so far.  the family where minnie was born came over for breakfast.  minnie was trying to eat from the baguette in my bag and jumped on the table for some leftovers, but behaved perfectly while we were eating.

Sep 27, 2013

pretty things

dear friend sophie just opened her beautiful webshop with a very nice selection of vintage items. go and have a look!!

Sep 26, 2013

for nido

i have an article in the october issue of german magazine Nido. i photographed a wonderful family's home (the family where minnie was born!).  I'll upload the whole set on my website soon!

Sep 24, 2013


for a photoshoot with friends i visited the most amazing house last week.  can't show you much yet, but i can tell it was the most inspiring place i've ever visited. these are just from the backyard, something from inside soon!

Sep 23, 2013


had lunch at sophie and rienk's today. he makes the best salads and she makes the table look beautiful.

Sep 21, 2013

we will have nice weather the coming days, according to the weather forecast...
in love with this cup, by katharina trudzinski. atelier solarshop sells her ceramics too. minnie is 20 weeks already! growing so fast ♡

Sep 19, 2013


indonesian peanuts. what a great package design!! a peanut eraser from gemma, and another eraser, from gina.

Sep 18, 2013

everyday objects

how much i wish i was in new york now, to see the first solo exhibition from günther schutzenhöfer, our favourite artist from gugging in vienna. if you are in new york, check it for sure!

Sep 17, 2013

inge + tena

a new set on my website.  tena is the cat i took care of a little while ago. inge nederkoorn is a friend and an artist who makes these great videos. this one is my favourite.

Sep 15, 2013

in a line

beans, another dinosaur egg, the other egg is a bouncing ball. and the owl cookie one that i keep since a looong time.

Sep 12, 2013

some things shades of brown.
the giant pretzel, the eraser and the bear are thriftstore finds, and that chocolate bar i bought in the russian supermarket.

Sep 11, 2013

at christine's

from my latest visit she's always changing, so it's always nice to go back for photos. minimal, but cosy and full of beautiful colors.

Sep 10, 2013

giovanni bosco

crazy about the wall paintings by giovanni bosco.  love his handwriting too!

Sep 8, 2013

sunday afternoon

drinking from my new moomin mug and eating a cookie from the russian supermarket.

Sep 7, 2013


love slow mornings.
the bed and planthanger are sigrid's, with lovely hui-hui cushions.
the photo of minnie is already a month old, she's growing fast.

Sep 5, 2013

paper bags

some of them i have for a looong time. always nice to have a look at them again.
plastic bags.

Sep 4, 2013

back open

atelier solarshop is back open after one month of holiday. make sure to check their updated webshop as well!

Sep 2, 2013


veronik recently started collaborating with sophie anson under the name V & S.  next sunday they have their first exhibition here in antwerp, together with sophie's mother, nore van beek. (exhibition opening on sunday 08/09 between 2 and 6 o'clock in Galerie Arte Falco, Falconrui 33, 2000 Antwerpen)
these photos are from yesterday's preview, at home for some friends.