Oct 31, 2011

more from our saurday visit

the bouse was also a paradise for children. so many great great toys! that's renilde on the last photo. her yellow skirt matched the children's room.

Oct 30, 2011

outsider art

we visited a beautiful home yesterday. they had a nice collection of paintings.

Oct 27, 2011

norbert schwontowksi

veronik saw this exhibition in berlin. really good. love the way the paintings are presented too. check more of his work here.

Oct 25, 2011

at sophie's

breakfast and candy, yesterday at sophie's wonderful place.

Oct 24, 2011

meet bobby balthus

veronik has a new friend at home. it's very little and it's the cutest ever!

Oct 23, 2011


the light was very pretty this morning at otark's breakfast. (2nd photo). it also looked like that last week :)

Oct 22, 2011

weekend food

nothing better than a chocolate bread in the morning. and a sandwich to play with.

Oct 19, 2011

things we both have (44)

a pillow by renilde.
up: veronik's
down: mieke's

Oct 18, 2011


have some new little pilea's. and also going to try to grow an avocado plant. seen it on some blogs and hope it will work out here!

Oct 17, 2011


daniel's book. simp by john burningham. some other nice books by him: 1 - 2.

Oct 15, 2011

5 beds

veronik is in berlin.
and mieke is sleepy. (that's why all the beds). the sun is shining, here and also in berlin. on monday v is coming back and we'll do some nice things.

Oct 12, 2011


nice little things on a friend's desk.

Oct 11, 2011


recent finds. the cups... :) we were so happy when we found 2 a while ago 'cause we've been looking for them. and this weekend there were 4 of them at once, in the thriftstore! best find of the year!

Oct 9, 2011


we still have a weak spot for food in a nice package. these are all belgian (except for the robot/he's just there).
previous posts on packaging 1 2 3 4 and ofcourse the bears.

Oct 8, 2011


some photos taken in charlotte's beautiful place. didn't really feel like leaving the house (rain rain rain!) but did a small thrift store route by car with a friend and brought some nice things home. will show you soon.