Nov 30, 2011

a mix

the knitted cat bag was a present from a friend. some fruit + potholder by renilde. bobby balthus is growing every day. some fruitstickers.

thank you 16 house!
+ tomorrow opening night at huis mortier!

Nov 27, 2011


1. bear from a book on russian children's books
2. knitted lion
3. charlotte collected some mini-shells and organized them nicely
4. end pages of a book by jiri trnka
5. a bench full of mespilus germanica

Nov 26, 2011

with an analogue camera (3)

a few more. that mickey+ minnie photo i made long time ago as well with a digital camera. and that's an icelandic coin on the last photo, present from a friend. so nice, no?

+ a few more on flickr.

Nov 25, 2011

with an analogue camera (2)

on the first photo you can see these trolls' hair if you look closer. the vase on the last photo was bought in atelier solarshop and is made by tomas kral.

Nov 24, 2011

with an analogue camera (1)

had to finish one filmroll for some reason. seems ages ago that i really did some analogue photos and didn't realize what a difference it makes! everything looks much more refined, and so many different colors! it's a pity that it's all so expensive, but it's probably worth it. more photos soon. (click for a bigger view)

Nov 22, 2011


always like websites like these, from true collectors (remember the eraser one?). the wrapping papers from the czech republic,uzbekistan and estonia are the best. lots of animals also. wish we had squirrels here on our chocolate papers.

Nov 21, 2011

from this weekend's visit

visited a nice place. loved the colours there. so special.

Nov 17, 2011

babar (3)

another babar. see babar 1 + 2.
the endpapers are nice! and also look at babar's wallpaper :)

+ we love the kitten covers! (found through ffffound)

Nov 15, 2011


hope all mornings will look like this this autumn.