Apr 30, 2011

bird shirt

wanted to have it since a long time. such a nice print! love the shape and the colors of the birds

Apr 28, 2011


what more can we say?

Apr 27, 2011

nr 7

the latest apartamento is out and looks good as always!

Apr 25, 2011

jacquot de nantes

some images from a movie by agnes varda about a little boy's obsession with cinema. look here for the trailer.

+ only 4 more days to see veronik's exhibition!!

Apr 24, 2011

happy easter

hope you all had a nice easter weekend, ours was good!! these 3 bunnies veronik brought from berlin, note the little mickey on the jacket of the left bunny :)

Apr 23, 2011


today we visited the solarshop, they have a wonderfull project now, together with otark, kevin welslau's drawings and fedor's plants. the space never looked so good! go there!

the day ended with a delicious cakes and beautiful music. it was a lovely birthday!

Apr 22, 2011

hb v

it's veronik's birthday today! so happy birthday veronik! and easter is coming this weekend, our favourite feast :)

Apr 20, 2011


saw this carpet last weekend liked the animals

Apr 18, 2011

a nice home (2)

as promised: more photos from this nice apartment. the kitchen is the best!

Apr 17, 2011

a nice home (1)

a friend just moved into a new place. visited her yesterday and came home with a camera full of nice photos. such a nice home! more tomorrow! good night!

Apr 16, 2011


saurday. a postcard from berlin (a paul klee painting). it will be a nice weekend, and when it's over veronik will be back :)

Apr 15, 2011

dear mieke

i'm very happy to be here. the museums look like palaces here and i made nice, long walks, met friendly people and saw pretty things . still i can't wait to have a coffee with you again. love from berlin,

Apr 14, 2011

found this funny object last week in the thrift store. and that panda and garland were in gemma's give-away.

it's always nice to see a nice blogpost on mieke willems: here and here.

Apr 12, 2011

make dolls

always irresistible: little craftbooks on making dolls and animals.

Apr 10, 2011

t @ eden

we went to a very special opening yesterday. jelle spruyt made a beautiful exhibition with sculpures, drawings and works in textile. 2 girls dressed up by jelle served tea in cups handpainted by jelle. the space is wonderfull and all details were perfect. go there if you can!

Apr 9, 2011

from gemma

super happy to have won one of the best give-aways ever!!! it was so so much and so very nice to unwrap! you can see here all the things that were inside! felt a bit like opening one of gina's surprise balls but in a different shape. how lovely to find these kind of things in the mail. thanks a million gemma! (her other blog is great as well)