Oct 30, 2013

yellow fruit

a lovely towel, a cute toy and a lemon i got from charlotte. not sure anymore where she found it, but it has a great strong smell! i use the peel in tea and i also added some to a bottle of olive oil, very tasty on a salad!

also : veronik is finally back from her long trip to australia! some photos soon. so glad to be able to hang out together again!

Oct 25, 2013

s + r

a few photos from sophie and rienks's beautiful home. soon i hope to visit again for a whole shoot. love their place, and figaro!

Oct 23, 2013


she always wears one.
me, hardly ever.

Oct 22, 2013


thank you again present and correct for an inspiring post on packaging.  in love with these candypapers from the ukraïne and USSR.  more here, and you can even buy some on ebay!!

Oct 21, 2013

soft mix

some photos, new and old, in a soft pallette to start the new week.

Oct 20, 2013

a porcelain mushroom

not sure what kind of mushroom that is, but it reminded me of a porcelain plate.  minnie for sure is enjoying her sunday, i spend most of it at home, and she loves that

Oct 18, 2013

mushroom hunt

today i joined renilde for a mushroom hunt.  we were lucky, the woods were full and the weather was perfect.
now: weekend! :)

Oct 15, 2013


these days are grey and rainy. but it's nice to be at home with minnie...

missing veronik, who is in australia for too long now...

Oct 14, 2013


autumn is really here. yesterday we had so much rain! drinking tea with honey and fresh orange juice. (the bear was a present from friends who brought it from romania)

Oct 11, 2013

estelle hanania

on the wishlist: this book by estelle hanania. also have a look at her tumblr, so many great images!

Oct 9, 2013

here a small preview of the most recent place i photographed.  i showed some photos from the backyard a little while ago.  love all the colors and little details in that place.  more when the time is right :)

Oct 8, 2013

william hawkins

i like these paintings of william hawkins.  a video here.