Dec 21, 2019

Dec 16, 2019


our friend Sophie has got the cutest kittens, this one is Pinokio 💝

Nov 26, 2019

Grof Geschud

Lander & Myrthe today in the rain, for Arenberg.

ish ait hamou

Nov 19, 2019

every year

marzipan little faces 👶🍥

Nov 2, 2019


photographed Jaouad Alloul for Arenberg 🍎🌵

Sep 16, 2019

my favourites for Arenberg

Alex Agnew, Serine Ayari, Maaike Cafmeyer and Lynn Van Royen, Peter De Graef & Thomas Janssen


i did the portraits for Arenberg's brochure.