Jul 31, 2009


...veronik is coming back! the time went quit fast, but still, i missed her! (2 pictures from the day renilde and me were watering the plants in her place)

found 2 nice blogs recently: blauwe ballon and a home is not a motel.

Jul 29, 2009


it's good to have a blog. when i posted yesterdays post i didn't know about Jordi Ferreiro, but elina commented about him. he did this great books- workshop with kids. and so many other nice projects! take a look on his flickr! it all looks fantastic!!

Jul 28, 2009

friendly book

picture from a workshop with kids. seen in this nice book.
for daniel

Jul 27, 2009

things we both have (22)

a small collection of egg cups.
up: veroniks
down: miekes

Jul 26, 2009

last week

been crocheting a lot in the shop. potholders and little coasters.
its really warm and sunny in antwerp. but probably even warmer in NYC.

Jul 25, 2009

sarah's room

a small beautiful book all in yellow and blue. drawings are by maurice sendak. (see also a hole is to dig)

Jul 23, 2009


new since yesterday!! the nice handknitted clothes are also for sale!

Jul 22, 2009

3 bears

2nd picture from a very beautiful book. posted about before.
also: the love box is back in stock!
and: look at nina's blog for some pictures she made here last saturday!

Jul 21, 2009

Jul 20, 2009


tomorrow veronik is leaving for a trip to New York City. 
if anyone has some good tips about what to go see, you are
welcome to write them. good luck to mieke who will open
the shop by herself in the meanwhile.

Jul 18, 2009


we changed some furniture in the shop. it looks bigger now. and nice with more white. it's always very difficult to make photographs, because of the light and also because we don't have a very good camera. so you all have to come here to see how fresh it looks!

Jul 17, 2009


really love these photographs. beautiful place, nice light. they are from carlota santa maria. and they are in apartamento 3.

Jul 16, 2009

good news

just found out that anu tuominen has a website. did you know that? many photos on it, ansd finally a clear view on when and where she will have an exhibition!

Jul 15, 2009

summer look

veronik made the new window very very nice. we have some beautiful new 3D animal puzzles! Now, the shop is going through a change. we picked up some furniture tonight and tomorrow the hard work starts. we'll show you the result very soon!

Jul 14, 2009

gary, gary and albert

2 handmade robots named gary walked into our store yesterday. we are happy to have them here. also, the small albert hangers are back!!

Jul 12, 2009


berries all day and breakfast for dinner.

Jul 11, 2009

pyjama infinity

it's a flipbook, so it's impossible to photograph. but had to show you this. it's made by elina minn, and it shows a bear with a pyjama with little bears on it. it's sold out on the napa site, but there are still a few copies on this site. they also show the beautiful little book in a video.
it's so simple but oh so perfect!

Jul 9, 2009

the latest ones

look at these: pinocchio, mr. oignon, the parrots, the mosquitos, russian mowgli!! we are proud to show you our latest pins! probably the pink lion won't make it to the shop....!

actief wonen

our blog is mentioned in the new issue of actief wonen. nice to see! and they chose everyones favorite picture again: the potholders :)

Jul 8, 2009

really like these photographs by ida lehtonen. found them on her flickr.

saw these pictures on a few blogs, but that really is a beautiful place!

Jul 7, 2009


elisabeths post today reminded me of one of the best ebay finds i ever won. it's a bundle of exercises one girl/boy made in school: collars, pleats, smock, buttonholes,... he or she wasn't a very good student, you can see. but love the way it looks.