Mar 30, 2011


some mieke willems photos in knack weekend this week! the article is about products, and why people attach to some and throw others away. a perfect assignment for us :) it's a nice magazine with a great lay-out and beautiful paper, so we're happy!

Mar 29, 2011

these days

it has been very much like spring here. that's a fleamarket shirt with nice buttons, and a dick bruna book for the collection. ofcourse all the plants are doing well and when we took a walk in the park we saw a newborn baby galloway. so cute!

Mar 26, 2011

magik with a k

a videostill from a work by edith dekyndt, daniel's magik suit, and a magic hat in a painting by Hieronymus Bosch + a great video.

the opening on thursday was really nice!! thanks for coming!! but sorry, no photos yet...

Mar 24, 2011


these pictures are not from the exhibition. will try to make some photos but won't be easy with the light. in less than 1 hour veroniks' exhibition will start. it runs till the 29th of april and is open every schoolday from 8:30 till 18u, st jozefstraat 35 in antwerpen. look here for more info.

Mar 22, 2011

monkey + bird

magnets :)
going here tonight.

Mar 20, 2011


thanks to joke we also have a ffffound-account now! it's very addictive :) here some favoutites of the favourites

Mar 19, 2011

have been thinking about favourite objects lately (because of something we'll show you very soon). most of our favourite objects ofcourse are memory-related and would be crap for many others. emma had a nice post on that too. here some all-time favourites :)

Mar 17, 2011

op bezoek bij ensor

we both have a little ensor-obsession since we saw the haring saur exhibition in gent. so very happy to own this book! chose it for the cover and this nice page with the little costumes.

Mar 15, 2011

things we both have (37)

the cauliflower-bag. still for sale in our webshop.
up: veronik's
down: mieke's

Mar 14, 2011

i am an island

veronik will show some of her paintings soon in st lucas in antwerp, the secondary school where we both studied long time ago . there will be more information soon on this website. would be nice to see you all on the opening the 24/3! spread the word!

Mar 13, 2011

actief wonen

there is an article on plants in the march issue of actief wonen and there is a mieke willems photo in the right corner. and also a nice little mention to our blog.

Mar 11, 2011

today on c's table

passed by a friend's place while she was preparing a gift for me: these clothes pegs. ofcourse they remind you all of anu tuominen's work.

Mar 10, 2011


this time the assignment was 'couples'. it's nice to have a friend who teaches children. they also made these animals and this circus!

Mar 9, 2011

leon in NY

we posted about him before. found this nice flyer a few days ago. it's for his exhibition at the armory show in new york which ended today. love the title: 'don't whistle 'till you're out of the wood'.

Mar 8, 2011


receiving letters is the best thing. especially when they look colorfull and have little gifts included. thanks d!!! should write more as well.

Mar 7, 2011

les chaises

ordered this book from louise-marie cumont. it's a printed verion of one of her fabric books. sw it here and here.

Mar 5, 2011

a squirrel brush

ever since renilde's blogpost on brushes i was hoping to find one like the horse. now i found one that is probably even nicer. i'm not a real collector, but seem to have a weak spot for brushes (and all other household stuff actually.)

Mar 4, 2011


it's carnival this weekend! have a nice one!

Mar 3, 2011

from today

the wind is cold but it's sunny and as long as you're inside that's nice! those are all new leaves on the figue-trees! they are growing fast these days!

saw a nice movie last night: cinema paradiso